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In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
     Umrah is visiting the Holy Mosque in Makkah and performing certain rituals at a specified time of the year.  It involves Twaaf (circumambulating around Kaabah) and Saai (going back and forth between Safaa and Marwah), and finally cutting or Shortening your Hair.

Umrah Rituals:

     When you reach the prescribed Station (al-miqat), make ghusl (a shower or a full wash of the body); and then put on the two-piece garment of ihram (izar and rida).  This applies to men only.  A women also makes ghusl.  She does not use makeup, and she may wear any clothes she has available as long as they don't display her adornments.  She should be completely covered except for her face and hands.  You make you intention to perform Umrah by Saying;
Labbayk Umrah, or: Labbyak Allahumma Umrah, as following:
Labbaik Allahumma, Labbaik
Labbaik. La shareeka laka Labbaik,
Innal-hamda wan-n'imata lak walmulk.
(here I am at your service. lord, here I am, Truly, the praise and the favor is Yours, and the dominion. No partner do You have).

When you reach Makkah, make seven circuits (tawaf) around the K'abah, beginning at the Black Stone and ending each at the same place. After completing the seventh circuit, pray two rak'ats behind the Staion of Ibrahim (Maqam Ibraheem) if it is possible, even though you may be a little for from it.  Other wise at any other place with in the Sacred Mosque.
You then go to as-safa and do the sa'ye of the Umrah seven times.  Starting at as-safa ending at Marwah.
After Sa'ye end your Umrah by shaving or shortening your hair. After this the prohibitions pertaining to the state of irram are lifted and you may now resume your normal life.


  What Should Hajj Pilgrims
  and Those who perform
  Umrah Do?
  Collected & Prepared By:
Khalid bin Abdullah Bin
  Nasir Al-Ghailan.

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    What is Hajj?
  Hajj Introduction
  ..  Hajj Rituals
   ..  Hajj Dua'a
    ..  Best Hajj Timings
    ..  Information for Pilgrims

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    What is Umrah?
  Umrah Introduction
..  Umrah Rituals
..  Umrah Dua'a
   ..  Best Umrah Timings
   ..  How to Perform Umrah?

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Problems or Mistakes

Common Mistakes
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Important Notes   
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