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  What Should Hajj Pilgrims
  and Those who perform
  Umrah Do?
  Collected & Prepared By:
Khalid bin Abdullah Bin
  Nasir Al-Ghailan.

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    What is Hajj?
  Hajj Introduction
  ..  Hajj Rituals
   ..  Hajj Dua'a
    ..  Best Hajj Timings
    ..  Information for Pilgrims

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    What is Umrah?
  Umrah Introduction
..  Umrah Rituals
..  Umrah Dua'a
   ..  Best Umrah Timings
   ..  How to Perform Umrah?

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Problems or Mistakes

Common Mistakes
   .. Problems
Important Notes   
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    Thanks be to Great Lord Allah, extended to the highest sky, filling all the universe by mentioning your name, generous Lord and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad (peace be Upon Him) filling all mountains, plains and valleys.
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