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What Should Hajj Pilgrims and Those Who Perform Umrah Do?
Collected and Prepared by :          
Khalid bin Abdullah bin Nasir Al-Ghailan
His Eminence:                             
Shaikh - Abdullah Ibn Jibrin
His Eminence:                             
Shaikh - Abdul Muhsin Al-Obaikan
Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance at Shifa Riyadh
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In the Name of Allah, The All-Merciful

The All-Compassionate
All praise be to Allah and peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Prophet.
This is a brief pamphlet about the rites of Hajj (pilgrimage) and Umrah (Lesser Hajj) so that the Muslim can do these rites as the Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did them. May Allah make this pamphlet of great benefit and accept from you and us our good deeds. Dear Muslim, If you want to perform Hajj, you should intend to perform one of these three types of Hajj:-

1-    Tamattu'
(it is the best type of Hajj, here you intend in your heart to perform Umrah and say at Miqat (station of Ihram) “O Allah I am responding to you my Lord, by Umrah. You start performing Umrah, when you finish, you abandon and discard Ihram. Then you are allowed to discard all the prohibitions of Ihram. On the 8th Day of Zul Hijja you should intend Hajj as explained in this pamphlet and slaughter a  sacrifice (a ram).
2-    Ifrad
(making Hajj only in the prescribed months of Hajj. Once you enter Ihram, you should intend Hajj by saying at the Miqat: "I am responding to you my Lord, by Hajj)".
3-    Qiran
(making Hajj and Umrah at the same time) Hajj and Umrah by saying: ``I am responding to you my Lord by Umrah and Hajj together'', when you reach the Ka'ba, you circle it seven times, this type of Tawaf is called Tawaf Al-Qudoum (Circumambulation of Arrival), then you make Sa'ee seven times between Safa and Marwah, you can perform this Sa'ee later after Tawaf-Al-Ifadah, but it is better to perform it after TawafAl-Qodoum. You will be in the state of Ihram till the Day of Nahr (Day of Sacrifice) and you will start to perform rites of Hajj on the 8th Day of Zul-Hijja As explained in this pamphlet be sure to sacrifice.
How to Perform Umrah:-
    If a Muslim intends to perform Umrah, he should take off his clothes, take a bath and then perfume himself. Taking a bath before assuming Ihram is (Sunnah) for both men and women.
    After taking a bath, the Muslim puts on Ihram dress and prays if the time is for prescribed prayer, otherwise he should intend Umrah in the state of Ihram without praying. He says ``Oh Allah, I am responding to you by Umrah'', after that he should recite Talbiyah by raising his  voice as  follows:    Click Next


  What Should Hajj Pilgrims
  and Those who perform
  Umrah Do?
  Collected & Prepared By:
Khalid bin Abdullah Bin
  Nasir Al-Ghailan.

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